Fact-Checking Policy

Indiabuzznow Fact-Checking Policy

At Indiabuzznow, we uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity and accuracy in our reporting. Our commitment to providing our readers with reliable and factually accurate information is paramount. To ensure this, we have established the following fact-checking policy:

a) Commitment to Accuracy:
Indiabuzznow is dedicated to publishing accurate information across all of its content. We approach every claim with skepticism, question assumptions, and challenge conventional wisdom to verify the authenticity of the information we present.

b) Due Accuracy:
We are committed to achieving due accuracy in all our outputs. Our commitment to accuracy is essential for maintaining our reputation and the trust of our audience. We ensure that the accuracy of our content is adequate and appropriate, considering the subject matter and nature of the content.

c) Well-Sourced and Corroborated Content:
All content produced by Indiabuzznow is well-sourced, based on available evidence, and corroborated. We are transparent about what we know and what we don’t know, avoiding unfounded speculation.

d) Integrity in Journalism:
Our journalists adhere to strict ethical standards. We never plagiarize or distort facts deliberately, including visual information. We seek independent verification from reliable sources, especially for claims made by public officials or individuals with vested interests.

e) Accountability and Corrections:
Indiabuzznow stands by the accuracy of the information it publishes. If any factual errors are discovered, we promptly correct them with transparency and clarity. We acknowledge and rectify serious factual errors quickly, clearly, and appropriately.

f) Reader Feedback and Correction Submission:
We provide a fair opportunity for the public to report inaccuracies or errors in our reporting. Readers can submit corrections via email to our editor-in-chief at info@indiabuzznow.com. Corrections should include details of the error, the date and location of the publication, the reader’s contact information, and the correct information with a credible source if applicable.

Correction Procedure:
Once an error is reported, our editor-in-chief will investigate using all available sources of information. If an error is confirmed, we will issue corrections through the following channels:

Website: The article will be corrected, and an editor’s note will be appended to the bottom of the article, indicating the correction and the date it was made.

Social Media: If the erroneous article was shared on our social media platforms, we will post a correction with a link to the corrected article, acknowledging the error.

Print: In cases where the error appeared in print, corrections will be published prominently in the subsequent issue, clearly indicating the error and the correction made.

Notification: Once the correction is made, the editor-in-chief will notify the reader who submitted the correction, detailing the steps taken to rectify the error.

At Indiabuzznow, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of accuracy, accountability, and transparency in our reporting, ensuring that our readers can trust the information we provide.